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A permit is required to undertake caving activities

Levels of Permit
There are four levels of permit available for Caving. These are:

  • Caving – No Vertical Pitches
  • Caving with Ladders
  • Caving with SRT for the leader
  • Caving with SRT for the group

Permit Definitions

SRT( Single Rope Technique) This is a method to allow you to both descend and ascend vertical pitches within caving using a single rope and specialist pieces of equipment as found in a personal SRT kit.

Vertical Pitches – refers to places that would require the use of Ladders or SRT for ascent or descent with a group.

Each of these permits can be further restricted (such as through specific caves etc) to end up with an individual permit to the level of the competence and requirements of any person.

Types of Permit
There are two types of permit available for Caving. These are:

  • Personal – Allows a young person (under 18) to take part in Caving with others with a personal Caving permit.
  • Leadership – Allows the permit holder to lead Caving for a single group.

Caving Assessors

Roger Devey

Assesment Checklist Caving