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Climbing and Abseiling

Climbing is the activity of ascending a rock feature, which can be natural or man-made, and is further classified as either single pitch or multi pitch. A Single Pitch Climb is one that can be completed without any intermediate stances, and from which the climber can safely walk off unroped from the top, or can be safely lowered to the bottom of the climb. A Multi Pitch Climb is one that cannot be completed without any intermediate stances, or from which the climber cannot safely walk off unroped from the top, or cannot be safely lowered to the bottom of the climb.

Abseiling is a form of descending from a height using a rope. This activity is usually undertaken on a rock-face or a man-made structure. Abseiling involves the descent of a rope using a friction device to control the speed of descent. It is popular as an activity on single pitch crags, from structures such as bridges and as a method of retrieving equipment stuck on a climb. Climbers may choose to abseil from the top of a single or multi pitch climb.

Permits are required for Climbing and Abseiling

Bouldering (Climbing close to the ground without ropes!)

No permit is required for bouldering, however the following guidelines should be observed:

• Before bouldering can take place a full risk assessment should be carried out
• The feet must never be more than two metres above the ground
• Helmets and harnesses do not need to be worn for this activity
• Boulderers should operate in pairs with one member acting as the spotter to offer guidance and help to the other and ensure they land safely back on the ground.
• Leaders should ensure that the ground around the boulder is level with no steep run offs, protruding rocks etc.
• Bouldering should be run in an area where leaders have constant control of the entire group.

Specialist Terrain

A Hillwalking or Climbing Permit is required but approval is needed from your DC. This terrain mainly covers those who wish to run Scrambling or Via Ferrata as part of an outing.

When in terrain or using skills that have not been assessed for a terrain 2 hillwalking or a climbing permit (such as glaciers, scrambling, via ferrata), then specific approval is required for the activity from the responsible Commissioner based on advice from someone with knowledge and experience of the activity. Specific approval is in addition to the holding of a terrain 2 hillwalking or climbing permit