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Mountain Biking

What is Mountain Biking?
Mountain Biking refers to cycling in off road terrain. It is often referred to as Off Road Cycling. The bikes normally differ from road bikes in a number of ways such as being heavier and more robust, having thicker grooved tyres, and sometimes also have suspension.

A permit is required to undertake mountain biking activities (except in Terrain Zero)

Levels of Permit
There are four levels of permit available for Mountain Biking. These are:

  • Terrain 1 Summer conditions
  • Terrain 1 Winter conditions
  • Terrain 2 Summer conditions
  • Terrain 2 Winter conditions

Definitions of Summer and Winter conditions can be found in The Scout Association’s Mountain Biking factsheet.
Additionally, each of these permits can be further restricted (such as through geographical locations etc.) to end up with an individual permit to the level of the competence and requirements of any person.

Types of Permit
There are three types of permit available for Mountain Biking. These are:

  • Personal – Allows a young person (under 18) to take part in Mountain Biking with others with a personal Mountain Biking permit.
  • Leadership – Allows the permit holder to lead Mountain Biking for a single group.
  • Supervisory – Allows the permit holder to remotely supervise more than one Mountain Biking group

MTB Assesors

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