County Expedition Training

What to expect

The training weekend is run from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. The aim of the weekend is to develop skills ready for a Platinum/Bronze or Diamond/Silver expedition, but these skills also need reinforcing during unit nights or Network meetings. The weekend covers all areas of the DofE training framework. This will include: 

  • First aid & emergency procedures
  • Navigation & Map skills
  • Route planning
  • Equipment & rucksack packing
  • Countryside Code
  • Team Building- Camping skills

Equipment to Bring

Young People will be sleeping indoors on the Friday night and camping in the tents they plan to use on their expedition on the Saturday night. If they are coming as individuals, we will find someone to share a tent with. They are expected to bring everything they would for their expedition all packed in a single rucksack. Any kit borrowed from the group (tents, stoves etc.) must be collected and packed before the weekend. They must dress for an expedition.


Explorers will be cooking their breakfast and evening meal on the stove they plan to take on their expedition. This should be similar to the menu they plan to use on their expedition. Lunch, drinks and snacks will be provided.


The weekend will be held at Stanley Head Outdoor Education Centre. Facilities include heated classrooms, large dining/activity room, toilets and showers. Full address and joining details will be sent shortly before the event.

Before they attend

It is expected that the Young People will have a basic knowledge before the course and know what is expected of an expedition e.g. know basic first aid, have seen/used a map before, have pitched a tent before. The aim of the weekend is to develop the basics ready for their expedition. Any group kit must have been issued before the weekend,

Booking & Cost

Please follow the booking link below. 

A booking form must be completed for each participant, with payment, no later than Friday 18th February. The cost of the weekend will be £30 per person.