Adult Training Scheme

Staffordshire County Scouts have a pretty much-unrivalled reputation when it comes to training. This is all down to the excellent character of the training team who work exceptionally hard to make all the courses a success. Don’t be put off by the thought of training, the courses are FUN, and you’ll get to meet people that you will stay in contact with for years.

There will be no difficult questions for you to answer, no tests at the end of the course, you don’t even have to take notes if you don’t want to – it’s all about participation and learning from those around you.

Why not take the plunge and take the next step in your training… you’ll probably enjoy it!!

General Information relating to training:

The adult training scheme is a flexible, modular based system, which gives leaders the opportunity to achieve their learning by different means and at their own pace. For example some adults prefer to go on training courses, whereas others have difficulty giving up weekends and would prefer to learn at home using an e-learning package or from experienced leaders in their District or Group.

After an adult applies to become a leader and is issued with a Provisional Appointment, they will work with a Training Adviser (TA). The TA will help the leader to decide which modules they need to take in order to complete their training and will support them through their training. This acknowledges that some new leaders will already have skills to bring to scouting because of their work or previous time in scouting and avoids unnecessary duplication of training. The provision of a TA is organised by a local co-ordinator known as the Local Training Manager (LTM). The details of which LTM is responsible for each district are given on the training contacts page of this web site. The LTM is also involved in organising the provision of training opportunities for leaders in the county along with the County Training Manager who has overall responsibility for training of leaders in Staffordshire.

Training must be completed within 3 years and also includes an element of ongoing learning (5 hours per year), so that leaders can continue to acquire new skills once they have earned their Wood Badge. The different modules will be delivered in different ways, some through County wide courses which are planned to offer a geographical spread and to cover all modules required for a woodbadge.

How to apply for courses

Fill in the course application form – available either from your TA or on the resource page, making sure that you note down the dates of the courses you are applying for. Courses are mainly residential and generally will include some element of training in the evenings. Make sure that the form is complete and then send it to Helen Wilcox the County Secretary.


The cost of all training courses is included in the annual County levy – the only extra will be £10 to cover the cost of food that is supplied on residential courses.

If you have any queries about how to apply for training or what training you have to undertake, please speak to your LTM.

Owen Dyde – County Training Manager