Membership Subscription and County Levy

The County Levy and the Training Levy for 2014 / 2015 have now been set. The total of the two items will be £5.30 net per person.

The County Levy is increased by £1 to £5.40, per person (with a 10p rebate if payment is received by the County before 31 March 2014) and the Training Levy remains at nil (as there is currently an adequate surplus in the designated fund for Training) subject to the same exclusions agreed with Districts.

The Headquarters Membership Subscription is unchanged at £21.00 per person, with a 50p rebate if payment is received by the County before 31st March 2014.

Please Note:
Administrators do not pay either Levy.
Everyone apart from Administrators pays the HQ Membership Subscription.
Over 65s including SAS members do not pay the County Levy or the Training Levy.
SAS members under 65 do not pay the Training Levy but do pay County Levy.

Brian Lloyd
County Chairman

Know Your County Walks

Staffordshire County Scout Active Support Unit are starting the winter season of “Know your County” walks. The walks usually take place on the last Sunday of each month.

The first walk will take place on Sunday 27th October and should last 4 – 5 hours duration with, hopefully, a pub at about half way.
This season’s walks are based on The Two Saints Way which are from Chester Cathedral to Lichfield Cathedral. There is a good website here giving fuller details of the walk and its background.
Essentially the whole route is Chester, Waverto, Bunbury, Nantwich, Barthomly, Audley, Stoke-on-Trent, Trentham, Stone, Stafford, Milford and Cannock Wood to Lichfield.

We will be starting from Balterley and walking to Westport Lake. It’s about 10 miles over quite pleasant countryside with no major hills.
If anyone is interested in walking or improving map and compass skills they are welcome to join with us.
Further information from any member of the Unit or Tony Brookes 01785 851047


Scouting for all in Staffordshire

You might have heard that Scouting is changing. For the first time, we’re offering an additional, alternative Promise, that will allow those who have no faith to promise to do their best, to uphold our Scout values and to do their duty to the Queen.

But what does that mean to Scouting here in Staffordshire.

Put simply, it means more people than ever can join Scouting. We are committed to being an inclusive organisation and we have removed barriers that might prevent those who share our values from taking part.

But none of this is as new as it sounds. For nearly 50 years we have offered an additional, alternative Promise for those from other faiths that is relevant to their beliefs. In addition, non-UK citizens also do not have to give their allegiance to Her Majesty the Queen, but to the country where they are living.

Of course those who wish to continue to Promise to do their duty to their God can continue to do so. Part of Scouting’s role is to help young people explore their faiths and beliefs.

This latest move has attracted widespread support both from within as well as outside the Movement and is backed by faith leaders who understand the importance of Scouting being inclusive and providing amazing and surprising opportunities to both our young people and our adult members.

Change has always been part of Scouting. As our Founder, Robert Baden-Powell once said, ‘Scouting is Movement, not an organisation.’ Throughout its history, Scouting has moved with the times to offer the adventure, experiences and practical skills to young people of all backgrounds.

For example, there are now more than 77,000 girls and young women nationally and 1968 here in Staffordshire. In the last ten years, over 50 Scout groups have been formed from members drawn mainly from Muslim, Hindu and Sikh communities and many more have joined other groups too. We have removed age barriers so people can continue to volunteer in Scouting as long as they are fit and able to do so.

Today Scouting is growing faster than ever, offering over 200 activities from abseiling and archery to international expeditions. We help young people grow in confidence, discover new skills and become the active citizens of tomorrow. Our volunteers come from all walks of life and fit the fun and friendship of Scouting around their work and family commitments.

So if you want to join the adventure and make a positive impact in Staffordshire come and visit us at

Paula Evans
County Commissioner

New Water Activity Courses

The water activities team have just announced 3 new courses they are running in October and November.

They are : RYA Coatsal Power Boat Level 1 & 2 course in October 2013, RYA Coatsal Safety Boat course in October 2013 and RYA Power Boat Level 1 & 2 course in November 2013.

The details for these three courses, including how to book and cost, can be seen on the Water Activities Courses page here.


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