Young Leaders

The Young Leaders’ Scheme is a programme of 10 training modules and four missions (projects) designed to help and support those aged between 14 to 18 who work with a section (Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts and Scouts) as a Young Leader. It gives Young Leaders the skills and knowledge to act as part of the section leadership team, and covers subjects such as a balanced, quality programme, Child Protection, First Aid and leadership skills.

Often Young Leaders’ will use the scheme as part of other volunteering programmes such as the Duke of Edinburghs award.  Upon completion of the modules and missions, participants will be presented with a Young Leaders belt.

The scheme is supported with a number of training modules (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K) and 4 missions. Module A is the only compulsory module and must be completed within 3 months of starting a section.  We strongly encourage all Young Leaders’ to complete as many training modules as they can, to further develop their leadership knowledge and skills.

Training modules will be organised by the District Explorer Scout Commissioner (DESC) or the Explorer Scout Leader (Young Leaders) in the District. Please contact them for further information. The County also offer support for Young Leaders, including training weekends. These weekends typically run twice per year (~October and February).

Upcoming County Young Leader Training Weekends

  1. October 2023 – Details TBC


Missions are projects that are carried out by a Young Leader in the section they are helping with. The Young Leader should collect evidence of their Mission activities such as photographs, risk assessments, programme plan, etc.

The missions can be found here. 

Once a Young Leader has completed a Mission they should contact the DESC or ESL (YL) to report back on what they have done. They could use the document below to help with this report back. If they have successfully completed it they will be awarded a Mission Strip.

When all 10 Modules (A-I + K) and 4 Missions have been completed, the Young Leader will be awarded the Young Leader’s Belt Buckle which can be worn for the rest of their time in Scouting and a badge they can wear on their uniform as an adult.