Volunteer Opportunities

“Scouts has really grown my confidence as a parent which is something I didn’t expect”

County Trustee

Where: Staffordshire Scouts, Staffordshire Open Volunteer Spots: Unlimited

You don’t have to work with young people to give them skills for life. We’re on the lookout for new trustees to help provide oversight and support to our amazing team as well as helping to ensure that we’re as efficient as we can be in our use of charitable funds. The commitment is for…Find Out More

You’ve done something amazing, by just considering volunteering you’ve taken a step most do not take. When we say you don’t need to be Bear Grylls to volunteer we really mean it.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never camped, if you don’t know how to tie a clove hitch or you’ve never worked with young people before. We can empower you to help develop the next generation.

Join a Section Team (aged 14+)

You have the power to be on the forefront of giving young people the skills they need to succeed. It’s as simple as contacting your local scout group for a no-obligation talk to find the right fit for you, even if that’s only to help out at family camp or the occasional fundraiser. Click here to find your local Scout Group using the HQ website.

Join your District Team (aged 18+)

Your local Scout district is always looking for an extra pair of hands. It might be just for the big camps or helping manage the finances. Find your district and get in touch to find a role that matches you. Click here to find your local District.

Join the County Team (aged 18+)

Apply your amazing skills to Scouting, we’re actively recruiting for new talent regardless of previous scouting or outdoor experience. Whether you just want to help out in the training team delivering first aid, get involved with water-sports or want to take on a new challenge, get in touch to find your perfect fit with Staffordshire Scouts. Click here to get in touch for a chat about a role that works for you.