First Response (Module 10a/10b)

Doing things safely is fundamental to everything we do in Scouts, and completing the first aid training – also known as First Response course – is a key part in that. 

This course aims to cover the skills and knowledge necessary to enable volunteers to manage an incident and provide basic first aid. Our first response programme has been developed in collaboration with Girlguiding, with a common syllabus, resources and acceptance between the two organisations. 

Who should complete this training?

You can find out if you’re required to complete the first aid training by checking POR Chapter 16: Roles Table

If this training is required for your role, you are asked complete it in within your first three years of volunteering, and to renew it every three years. 

How to complete it

First aid training can be completed face-to-face and online. There are three delivery options available, and in all of them you’ll be required to attend a face-to-face practical validation session.

Which method is available will depend on local availability. You can see the options below:

Face to Face

Face-to-face first aid training is often done at local Scout meeting places. It contains both theory and practical parts, and can be delivered in one single six hour session or three separate two hour sessions. This is the most common format and is typically run on a day over a weekend.


In this delivery method, the theory part of the training (10A) is done in three separate two hour online sessions, and the practical validation (10B) in a short (15-20min) face-to-face session, which covers the practical elements of the life support training. 

The online sessions are live video calls facilitated by a first aid trainer with theory explanations, knowledge checking exercises and discussions.   

Volunteers can only attend the practical validation once the theory part is completed. 


The Blended Model combines a 2.5 hour eLearning with a three hour online session for the theory part of the training (10A). The practical validation (10B) is a short (15-20min) face-to-face session, which covers the practical elements of the life support training.  

The eLearning can be accessed here, and should be completed first. The online session is a live video call facilitated by a first aid trainer, with some more detailed knowledge checking exercises and discussions. Only begin this once you know you will be able to attend a blended session.

Volunteers can only attend the practical validation once the theory part (both eLearning and online session) is completed. 

To complete the blended model, follow the steps below:

  1. Speak to your GSL/Line Manager to confirm you are able to attend a face-to-face validation.
  2. 2.5 hour E-Learning. This can be completed here.
  3. 3 Hour trainer lead online session. Click here to book the course named ‘First Response 10A e-learning & zoom’ choosing ‘other counties/areas’. Leaders in Staffordshire should not book a practical session on this link.
  4. Attend face-to-face validation session.

Pre-existing qualifications

Those that have existing first aid qualifications from suitably accredited organisations must confirm that they cover the specification set out for the module. Most external qualifications will require an e-learning conversion course. You can access these below and present both certificates to a training advisor for validation.