Back in September we told you about the Dragon Award. Since then the criteria for the award has been updated.


The Dragon Awards are organised by Scouts Wales and can be achieved by Scouts, Explorers, Scout Network members and Leaders both inside and outside of Wales. They are designed to encourage members to take part in Nights Away experiences. There are 3 Awards – Bronze, Silver and Gold and each take at least one year to complete and must be completed in order. For each of the awards, a member must camp for one night a month for a whole calendar year under canvas or in a bivouac – the nights don’t all have to be in the same year. For Silver & Gold, a challenge must also be completed for each night.

Scouts Wales has recently updated the rules & record cards for these awards and these can be found here.

These changes include how many nights can be counted indoors during the winter months; how many can be in a back garden and in the grounds of a Scout HQ; and also the removal of being able to backdate nights to January 1998 (these can only be backdated by 6 months now for Bronze Award).

Additionally, when a member has completed the award, this is now signed off by the District Commissioner.