UPDATED 06/02/2015 19.15 Please see below –

I know census is a burning issue for you all, but we need to keep a watching brief on all things related to Compass and census.

  • You can do bulk upload of youth data, so Groups should be encouraged to get this done by the scheduled date of 15th February.
  • Census will be taken from compass.
  • I know some people have discovered that the old census site has gone live. I have asked and it will be used as a reporting tool only so that you should be able to see last year as compared to what has been entered into Compass. It will not be there for making changes. More information should be coming out about this shortly (no, I don’t know how they define shortly).
  • Other than that we are still not yet clear how the money calculations will be done, so watch this space. BUT the message to Groups should be that they need to have things ready, they should have collected any monies already or about to, so nothing really alters.

In the meantime, that’s the best we can do. Just keep looking out for emails that give the next instalment.

Thank you for your perseverance in this.

Paula Evans
County Commissioner

NEW UPDATE From the Scout Association

Census 2015

Due to Compass being down for a number of weeks we will be implementing the previous census system to complete the 2015 census. Work is currently on-going to set this up and we are testing to see how much we can pre-populate these census forms for those members who had already submitted their youth data. By reverting to the previous system for this year’s census we can ensure you all have the opportunity to update any figures to reflect your current membership levels locally. We currently continue to work to 15 February 2015 as the deadline for census (the day you take count of your current members). You will then have a month after this date to submit this information to UK Headquarters, which allows for the usual period of time for Counties/Area/Regions to validate and approve the data.

Next week we will be able to provide a far more detailed briefing on the processes and procedures to follow to be able to complete the above tasks. Please do continue to keep checking the Latest Updates page on and we will share information as soon we have it.

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