We are very pleased to announce that a number of adults in Staffordshire have been honoured this year in the 2015 St George’s Day Awards List.

Silver Wolf


The Silver Wolf Award was introduced by Lord Baden-Powell and remains the Scout Association’s highest award for service to Scouting. The Silver Wolf is the unrestricted gift of the Chief Scout and is only awarded ‘for service of a most exceptional nature’. It is not normally awarded until at least a Silver Acorn has been gained. In practice this means that it is seldom awarded for less than 30 years service although, because it is the Chief Scout’s unrestricted gift, no length of service is prescribed.

  • Michael Deakin – Newcastle District
  • Albert Edward – Potteries North District
  • Judith Hunter – Potteries North District
  • John Nash – Potteries North District

Bar to the Silver Acorn

The Bar to the Silver Acorn may be awarded for at least a further 5 years of similarly distinguished service.

  • Elizabeth Birch – Three Towns District
  • Jacqueline Brocklehurst – Potteries North District
  • Susan Meachem – Potteries North District
  • Edna Stafford – Tamworth District

Silver Acorn


The Silver Acorn is not normally awarded until after at least an Award for Merit has been gained and a further five years’ service has been completed. Thus, it is seldom awarded for less than 20 years service, which should be specially distinguished and appreciably better than outstanding.

The Silver Acorn was instituted in 1932 as an award to rank between the Medal of Merit and the Silver Wolf. It was originally called the Silver Medal but changed to the Silver Acorn shortly after. It was also worn on the jacket and not around the neck. It was instituted as a St George’s Day Award in 1933 and the decision for it to be worn around the neck was made around 1952 when at the same time, the Bar to the Silver Acorn was instituted.

  • Graham Baddeley – Newcastle District
  • Sidney Davies – Moorlands District
  • Richard Dawson – Three Towns District
  • David Fairbrother – Potteries North District
  • Michele Lawrence – Potteries North District
  • Anne Mellor – Potteries North District
  • Philip Tyler – Potteries North District
  • Patricia Viggars – Newcastle District

Congratulations to you all.