Since the last update, the Staffs Jamboree contingent have been busy and have done the the following  activities –

  • They had a very early start as they made their way up the coast and had a spin around the bay on a cruiser before trying out some yoga which was great fun. They then went to the beach for lots of fun and games before going for a dip in the sea. Finally, they had an early night as the day after they went to Hiroshima.
  • They have visited a local school and Kozan park.
  • On the 7th August, they all attended the closing ceremony.
  • The following day, they left the Jamboree Site and went on the bullet train Tokyo. It was a five and half hour journey which they all enjoyed as the train has Air Con which was a welcome gift – sleep time!
  • Since arriving in Tokyo they have visited an Earthquake Centre;