The County Active Support have recently assisted 1st Oulton Scout Group with repairs to their building.

Over the last 12 months they had replaced every part of the building apart from the brick base and concrete floor. Imagine their upset when parents sent photos of the aftermath of a storm.

One of the Leaders went straight up to the hut to see if there was any damage to the building and luckily the building was ok. However, some trees had fallen on to the hut, but were still rooted, others had branches that had snapped off and there were also a few that were at risk of falling. The County Scout Active Support Skills Unit came along and sorted everything out for the Group, including breaking up the trees and branches to campfire sized pieces.

1st Oulton Group Scout Leader, Caron, said – 

“Their contacts and knowledge are worth their weight in gold and listening to the stories of years gone by was brilliant. They have also managed to get a tree surgeon to offer to come along and reduce the size of the 30ft Conifer trees for us.

“We really should be using all their experience, knowledge and contacts more often as what they are able to offer to scouting is immeasurable.”