County Chair

This could be your best decision yet.
Scouting relies on strong leadership. So if you can motivate others, keep a cool head and
balance a variety of views then you would be an ideal chairperson for Staffordshire Scouts.
With experience of steering meetings to produce excellent decisions, you’ll be equally
willing to speak your mind as encouraging others to express their views.
You will use your strong communication skills to help a team of committed adult volunteers
who make up a Executive Committee arrive at a good decision that will benefit young
people. Able to work as part of a team, you will also contribute the direction and
development of the COUNTY.
No previous experience of Scouting is necessary. What’s more important is your own skills
and experience as well as empathy with our mission and values. We will provide all
appropriate training and ongoing support.
Staffordshire Scouts is part of the Scouts, offering fun, friendship and skills for
life to over 460,000 young people across the UK.

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